The AAACBR celebrates Pele at the Tapestry of Cultures Family Festival

We celebrated the Hawaiian deity Pele – Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes – at the Tapestry of Cultures Family Festival at the National Museum of Australia. The festival fell on a lovely autumn Saturday where everyone was invited to celebrate Canberra’s diversity through music, creativity, dance and food provided by local community groups and businesses.

The AAACBR stall combined themes from the National Museum of Australia’s exhibition Feared and Revered: Feminine Power Through the Ages and Mothers’ Day to create fun activities for the whole family. Attendees were encouraged to paint a flower for Mother’s Day, create a paper mask inspired from the exhibition or make a paper Haku (Flower Crown Lei), like the one worn by Pele. Watching the mural come alive on the canvas was a treat!

Big thanks to the National Museum of Australia for providing an opportunity for the AAACBR to experience their Feared and Revered exhibition and participate in the family festival. Thank you everyone who passed by to get creative or, to simply say hello!

Find more pictures of the event on our social media using hashtags: #aaacbr #uswithaus #aaaincbr

Want to learn more about this fiery Goddess?

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