Learn, Dance, Support: Hula Workshop Supporting Maui Disaster Relief

The AAACBR collaborated with Learn Hula Sydney to organize a Hawaiian Hula dancing workshop in Canberra in support of the Maui disaster ignited by a series of wildfires in early August 2023. The workshop was an effort to not only bring awareness to the situation but also provide a unique opportunity for people to contribute to the relief efforts including information on ways to support the Maui Strong Fund in both immediate and long-term recovery needs for those affected by the devastating wildfires.

Michelle, founder of Learn Hula Sydney whose extensive background learning Hula in Hawaii and managing the dance school in Sydney brought warmth, authenticity and cultural richness to the workshop. Furthermore, Michelle received her hula teacher’s blessing in Hawaii to teach Hula in Australia which was evident in the cultural respect and authenticity in her guidance. The Hula dance uses gentle glides and hand motions as cultural, creative and expressive forms of storytelling from the islands of Hawaii.

This collaboration was another highlight in cultural exchange, appreciation and the power of community engagement in times of crisis and the AAACBR was proud to bring this partnership to the local Canberra community.

To support victims of the disaster please visit: Maui Disaster Relief Fund

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