Mercure Canberra Melodies: Thanksgiving Special w/ Urban Drover

Thanksgiving came early on November 18 2023 as the Mercure Canberra hotel was transformed into a lively hub of entertainment and joy. The riveting Urban Drover country band took center stage with guests treated to an evening filled with live music, captivating horse whip-cracking displays, line dancing performances, food and drink and a USA styled mouthwatering BBQ. From 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm, attendees reveled in the nostalgic melodies.

The festive ambiance even extended beyond the event space, reaching into the hotel rooms where guests could passively enjoy the celebrations from their windows and balconies. This unique touch added an extra layer of enjoyment, allowing those opting for the comfort of their rooms to still be part of the memorable evening.

A heartfelt appreciation goes to Charley Glover from Mercure Canberra for their commitment to curating an unforgettable Country Music Courtyard Concert. For a visual journey through this incredible evening, be sure to explore more photos and videos on our social media platforms.