Leveraging AUKUS: trust, tech and time w/ Dr Lesley Seebeck

Our AAA April forum saw Dr Lesley Seebeck explore the importance of allies and trust in international cooperation activities through the lens of AUKUS: trust, tech, time.

Dr Seebeck discussed the importance of building trustworthiness, understanding how technology works and managing time differently to make the most of our role in AUKUS. From the socio-political implications of TikTok to thinking about space travel, the event provided great networking opportunities and discussion on the advantages of this historic partnership. Dr Seebeck proposed that leveraging AUKUS required a “moonshot” approach – a self-reinforcing system of high productivity, high innovation and high export growth. She used the AAA’s acronym to suggest that Ambition, Accountability and Adaptability are the keys to a moonshot.

The event also formally welcomed Defcon Technologies Group as the our newest corporate member! Managing Director of Defcon Technologies Group Nick Stokes was in attendance to ceremoniously present our guest speaker to our eager audience.

At the end of the discussion, Dr Seebeck left the youth in the audience with this question: “If you had the opportunity to influence AUKUS, would you?”

This event was sponsored by Defcon Technologies Group, National Press Club of Australia and Capital Wines.